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FOX Business News, Success Magazine, CW11, and more, Gail Kasper
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What People Are Saying About Gail


- Jane Williams, Vice-President of Sales, COX Television

"Gail's proven expertise, experience, and ability to analyze and understand situations in her capacity as a successful professional speaker, make her a perfect fit with Success's mission and goals. Our readers will be able to relate to Gail and appreciate her ability to effectively share her proven strategies for success."
-Gay Bryant, Editor in Chief, Success Magazine

"It's been a month since you have spoken to my team of managers, and I am thrilled with the impact of your session.  The managers have told me that they see how obstacles hindering their performance were a result of their way of thinking, and that they had a direct influence in removing those barriers.  Overall, I have seen a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm in setting higher goals and work standards, and more importantly taking action.  I continue to see the influence that you have imparted."
-Dave Thomas, Regional Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company
"You communicated with a passion and professionalism that sparked genuine personal reflection for our group.  Your visit was a real boost   to our teambuilding process....having you share your philosophies in person added an invaluable spark that will create real long-term changes in our people."
-Richard Dyer, President, NBC5 Cincinnati

"The insight you have provided on our players has been a value to our team and helped me increase their level of performance." 
- Jacques Demers, former NHL Stanley Cup Coach

"Gail did a great job.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Gail was engaging with the audience and made it easy as a listener to stay attentive.  The program was "useful" and "easy to apply" in life."
-Dustin Leatherman, Philadelphia Phantoms

"The program was extremely motivating!  Gail is a great communicator.  I felt as though she was talking right to me."
-Larry Meli, Philadelphia 76er's

"I have consulted with Gail on many occasions regarding both personal and professional matters on every topic from communication and employee behavior to management and leadership techniques.  She is, without a doubt, Ask Gail!  Gail has a keen ability to read a situation and get to the core issue.  Her responses have always been dead on !
-Ed Kardon, General Manager, Cherry Hill Nissan

"Vector Security has relied upon Gail Kasper to provide outstanding levels of sales, customer service and management development training for the past 5 years.  As a Delaware Valley based electronic security company with five divisions, nationwide offices and operations, Vector Security has risen to a position of recognized excellence within our industry; and Gail has had a hand in making that possible for us.
-John Murphy, President, Vector Security, Inc.,
the 6th largest security company in the country

"As the keynote speaker at our recent American Cancer Society event, Gail exceeded our expectations - her words connected with over 300 volunteers representing such businesses as Masterfoods, Merck, and Schering Plough.  She has a way of communicating practical strategies and skills that can be immediately applied.  The number of positive responses at our event was overwhelming! You absolutely walk away with something real, a sense of value, and importance."
-Jason Bing, American Cancer Society Relay for Life / Superintendent of Schools for the Great Meadows Regional School District

"The material was strong and excellent, the program was interesting and kept my attention, and the speaker had the testimonials to back it up!"
-Chris Engarte, Philadelphia Flyers

"I thought Gail was great! She is enthusiastic with a wonderful presence.  The program was very insightful and make you think and reach inside of yourself.  I was challenged!"
-Linda Mantai, Comcast-Spectacor

"Gail puts things into perspective and is very insightful.  She opened my mind to think broader and take action." 
-R. Raga, Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation

"Thank you for providing such a motivating seminar to our agencies. You really have a knack for getting people to think about themselves as well as their businesses.  Your seminar was a great success.  Looking forward to another opportunity to work with you.  Thank you."
-Krista J. Briglia, Director, Community Initiatives,
United Way of Camden County

"Gail has always had that 'something' special that not only encourages growth and inspires achievement, but reaches people in a way as they have never been reached before."
-Oliver Jordan, Director, Human Resources, Pennsylvania Convention Center

"I really loved the program.  Gail is a great speaker and really makes you feel comfortable - like you are talking to a friend."
-Jennifer Raffle, Comcast-Spectacor

 "The seminar was fantastic! It was the best all-day seminar we have had. I will certainly recommend it to colleagues as well as others to improve their work teams."
-Mark Stuart, Assistant Dean,
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
"The strategies that you gave will help me motivate and build a successful team."
-Marjorie, Sun National Bank
Gail, you are a wealth of information. The presentation was excellent.
- Mike Ross, Manager, Pennsylvania Convention Center

"Thank you for a powerful and stimulating seminar your talk was enthusiastic and terrific."
-M. Brooks, HR Supervisor, United Parcel Service (UPS)
"Gail's training is progressive, aggressive, and fabulous her enthusiasm is mind-blowing it makes you want to be better." 
-Ed Kardon, General Manager, Cherry Hill Nissan

Amazing! I felt as though you were a part of out company, and really did your homework about our industry. Nothing was repetitive. Everything was eye opening, motivating and helped me to think out of the box. I enjoyed the whole day. Thank you! 
-Sarah, Viva International Group

I have to say that your workshop was one of the highlights of my Viva career.  In the short tie you were there, I learned more about how to sell than I have in my 6 years with Viva.  Thank you for all of your help! 
- Gary, Viva International Group

I have been in outside sales for over 15 years, worked for 3 fortune five hundred companies and have attended many sales training classes. However, the training I received during my time in your program was head and shoulders above the rest!..I set a personal best in total systems sold for the month of April!....measurable success!
-Kevin L. Grube,  Sales Consultant
As a sales representative with 17 years of industry experience, 6 of those being in sales, I was confident that my skills were solid and that any improvement would only come with time and experience. Your course proved me wrong.
-Andy Reedman, Falck Integrated Security Systems
"Excellent program! Many of the techniques you discussed were exactly what I have been trying to put my finger on a more structured, more quantifiable sales process for this industry and business. I feel like have now got a good grasp of how to put together my entire sales blueprint."
-Dan Kanabroski, New Business Development,
Brantley Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

"This was an excellent course for both the novice and the "seasoned pro."  
-Aaron Zebrook, Sales Manager, B-Safe Electronic Protective Systems

 "The program was a GREAT success. I would recommend it to anyone. All the people at ADT who got to know Gail are the better for it."
-Earl Kirk, Sales Manager, ADT Canada

"It warms my heart as a sales manager to see how prospecting has become a major part of each representative's routine. The numbers have reflected that change."
-Barry Ginsburg, Sales Manager, ADT, Fort Washington, PA
"Gail's program is second to none and has proven results."
-Mike Wood, Regional Sales Manager, ADT

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