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As a skilled speaking professional and Performance Expert, Gail has gained the national acclaim as a speaker who will customize to the highest level.Audiences have stated over and over again , Gail speaks with the passion and clarity of an industry employee! She offers high-content, real-world experiences with a dynamic and energetic feel. Through her Systematic Attitude Development-Technique (SAD-T), Gail provides groups with the step-by-step processes to maintain a positive attitude and take action in their lives and their careers.

I encourage you to view each Speaking Program link as they include all elements of organizational development:Sales Training, Leadership Development, Customer Service and Attrition Management, Conflict Resolution, and Team Building.Each session is designed to increase revenues and/or performance that will provide your organization with a Return on Investment (ROI).

All programs involve Systematic Attitude Development-Technique, Gail's proprietary system to increase results through logic-based action.

Programs range from a 50-minute keynote speech to half-day and full-day programs, depending on the needs of the organization.




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