About Pawtographs®
Our Mission

Pawtographs, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation under the Congressional District funds, mission is for all animals to enjoy the life for which they have been given, in a safe and loving environment. Pawtographs goal is to consistently create awareness, to educate, to increase pet adoptions throughout America, and to increase financial support for animal rescues nationwide.

At an event designed by any national rescue program or an event for which the rescue program is participating, a celebrity animal would conduct an autograph signing. Pawtographs would provide the animal rescue with personalized photos of the celebrity animal with their paw print already printed on the photo and the rescue would sell the signed photograph with all proceeds benefiting the rescue.The celebrity animal is the rescue's choice, but maybe a local animal hero, fellow rescue, police or search dog, or any animal deemed worthy of love and attention.

Awareness:According to the U.S. Human Society, between 6 & 8 million cats and dogs are put into shelters every year and between 3 & 4 million are euthanized. By continually creating awareness, National Animal Rescue Day, along with Pawtographs, will open the door for more pet adoptions and help manage overpopulation through continued spaying and neutering of adopted pets.

Education: Pawtographs provides continuous education during each year at two levels; to the shelter and to the American public.

With regard to the shelter, there are pets who are adopted only to be returned to shelters because the pet is not a good fit for the family or their lifestyle. Uncertain how to manage the situation, people return the pet rather than resolve the issue. Therefore, Pawtographs provides additional information to facilities to assist in the interview process to provide the family with the "right" pet.

Education to the American public would be at several levels: 1. To help both adults and children "appreciate" pets - whether that's in trying to help someone overcome their fear of an animal or in learning how to interact with them. The goal is not cruelty or abuse, the goal is love and 2. To provide information and resources to individuals to help them manage a "new" rescue who is having a challenge adjusting to their new home and may have a behavioral issue. More than 75% of people who have adopted a pet have stated that they would have benefited from additional information on pet care and behavior. This information would include how to take care of your pet when you are experiencing the following circumstances: a lifestyle change such as a move, new child, or a divorce; extensive travel; sickness; or general pet-care guidelines.

Increase Animal Adoption: According to the United State Humane Society, there are between 4000 and 6000 shelters across the United States whose goal is to provide a home for the "homeless." National Animal Rescue Day affords all of these shelters an opportunity to take action at an event or hold their own event on this day to encourage the community to visit their shelter, make a financial donation, and adopt an animal and save a life.

Financial Support: Animal Shelters across the country are filled with support staff and a constant need for assistance whether it be for medical needs, blankets, supplies, or food. Their goal is to find the right home for these homeless animals and to keep them alive until the right home can be found. With a National Animal Rescue Day, Animal Rescues across the country would participate in a fund-raising event or Pawtographs autograph signing, to raise money on that day and during the course of the year.