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This is your chance to save yourself years of study and delve into the brain of one of our most successful educators. The G library provides you with a range of topics from personal or professional issues to leadership, revenue, and employee development. This is your opportunity to have a breakthrough moment and achieve the wealth that you deserve. Become a part of the Top 1%!

6 Ways to Increase Profitability
Having nurtured many of America's leading organizations to unbelievable levels with her return-on-investment sales program, Selling Success, Gail Kasper knows what organizations need to do to stay profitable in this struggling economy. In this article, she targets 6 key areas that will increase both revenues and results....read more

Business Casual
Defining Business Casual. It seems that employees have their own definition of "how to dress" but unfortunately, that definition is based on their taste and upbringing. Incorrect dress in the workplace causes unnecessary gossip, conflict, and drama. Learn what's correct and what's not...read more

The Progressive Proactive Way to Get A Job
In these tough economic times with the employment rate at its highest, job seekers need to be creative, cutting edge, and resilient. Getting a job takes more than "applying on line" or sending a resume. Life Strategy and Performance Expert Gail Kasper has helped thousands of people take charge of their lives. Read more as Gail tells you how to take the bull by the horns and "take charge" in these challenging times....read more

The Law of Cell Phone Etiquette
It's time to learn what is considered rude and what is acceptable in the realm of cell phone use. Cellular telephones seem to be ubiquitous these days. People are talking, texting, playing games, updating their calendars, buying movie or other tickets, and, yes, even tweeting. Cell phones are an immediate way to stay in touch with friends, family, peers, business associates and clients or customers. Let Life Strategy Expert, coach, "Ask Gail" expert and author, TV personality and Top 1% Club mentor Gail Kasper tells you how to avoid Cellular telephone rudeness. Almost everyone has one, but unfortunately they come without instructions. Learn the do's and don'ts.
...read more


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